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Magazines in Latin > ADULESCENS - Level: A1-A2 - Latin I II High School
ADULESCENS - Level: A1-A2 - Latin I II High School

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  • The magazine: The best way to immerse students in the Latin culture. The only magazine of its type, it has features on current affairs, places of interest, famous people as well as lots of games, quizzes and activities which allow the reader to study and have fun in the Latin language.

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  • Libéllus primus (A1-A2)
  • 16 páginae colorátae
  • 21 x 29,7 cm.
  • 5 fascículi a mense
Aduléscens óptimum est instruméntum, quo lingua Latína et cultus antíquae Romae modo iucúndo inculcétur: insunt enim vocábula imagínibus illustráta et variae commentatiónes. Ínsuper vitálitas linguae Latínae appáret in arguméntis hodiérnis. Síngulis ménsibus inserúntur pittácia adhaesíva et libélli discípulo conficiéndi.

Arguménta tractáta anno 2012-2013

  • Vestes et colóres
  • Hortus zoológicus...et libértas
  • In mediáno
  • Festum diéi natális
  • Ad mensam!
  • Omnes ad circum

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